Bodylanguage Seminar

Body language.
Express yourself!
Influence other!

Nikolay Liliev Street 13-15, Sofia 1421
The seminar will be delivered in English.

Body language - next steps.
Present yourself confidently in every situation!

Nikolay Liliev Street 13-15, Sofia 1421
The seminar will be delivered in English.

Bodylanguage Seminar

The visual appereance is the first information we get from other human beings. It is the ambassador for their inner values. In this first moment we decide wether a person is competent, likable and trustworthy. No matter what culture.

As research shows (Harvard University, 2009), people who know how to incorporate the above factors, are more successful in life. It’s a key success driver to be aware of the scientific facts and key principles in human body language.

  • First impression – signals that work in every culture
  • The body language of self confidence
  • Getting your point across – a matter of symmetry in body posture
  • Humble und likable - two facial expressions make the difference
  • The NN-rule lets you see, what others think of you
  • Creating trust – palms and eyebrows are the key
What happened Last year
Bodylanguage tips
Body Language of Insecurity

Stefan Verra

Stefan Verra is one of the top experts on bodylanguage. Like no other, he unveils the secrets of non-verbal communication. With a sound, expert knowledge of his subject, an impressive stage presence and enormous entertainment value, he deciphers the signals of body language in clear, understandable messages.

In his own inimitable way, he brings over 50.000 people per year a greater awareness of how to use their former repertoire of walking, posture, gesture and facial expression in a more conscious way.

Stefan Verra is an expert on his subject. The way he imparts scientific knowledge on body language is compact and comprehensible. Quick-witted and in the wink of an eye, he can quickly change perspective to take on any situation. At the same time, he offers concrete tips for everyday life and work.

Training Agenda


Duration: 9.00-17.00ч.

Body Language.
Express yourself!
Influence other!
  • The most important body language rule at all
  • Always score with the first impression: tools, how it works
  • Sympathy and competence: what signals make it up
  • What are myths in body language and which rules really apply
  • What reveals the body language - and what doesn't
  • Decode gender-specific body language
What you can take from this seminar:
  • Appear more confidently and gain sympathy
  • Understand others better
  • Radiate enthusiasm, joy and security
  • Specific tips and tools for everyday life

Duration: 9.00-17.00ч.

Body Language - The next Step.
Present yourself confidently in every situation!

  • You are unique! Get to know your own body language strengths
  • What you can still grow personally: A simple exercise shows it
  • Your words are sometimes challenged? With these 3 rules you create trust
  • Defusing conflicts: How you can confidently appear in heated discussions
  • Convince and inspire when speaking to groups
  • Nervousness - why you may have reacted wrongly so far
  • Confidence comes from the inside and outside - reinforce yours!
What you can take from this seminar:
  • Strengthen the distinctive character of your personality
  • Recognize what kind of communication my counterpart needs
  • Look confident in difficult situations
  • Motivation and enthusiasm that lasts a long time
The seminar will be delivered in English.

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